There are many types of dental emergencies that can occur, some of which require more immediate attention than others. The outcome of the dental emergency that you experience will depend significantly on whether you knew what to do. Additionally, if you need an emergency dentist near you, then you can always contact us at Cornell Dental Centre. With that in mind, the following are a few of the most common dental emergencies and how you should handle them:

You knocked your tooth out

Getting your tooth knocked out can happen due to accidental contact to your mouth, such as if you fall down and hit your mouth on the ground or if something hit you in the mouth, such as a baseball (it’s not uncommon to lose a tooth during an accident while playing sports). You will need to act fast in order to save the tooth. First of all, hold the tooth by the crown. Rinse it in water and avoid using chemicals or soap to try to clean it.

If there’s tissue on the tooth, do not wipe it off. If possible and within the first 30 minutes of the tooth being knocked out, preserve the tooth by inserting and holding it in the socket that it came from. If you can’t do this, then put the tooth in milk and get to a dentist immediately. The success rate of saving the tooth drastically falls off after the first 30 minutes.

You cracked your tooth

If you damaged your tooth in some way, such as if you cracked, chipped, or broke it, then a dentist will be able to restore it, whether it’s by using a tooth filling or a dental crown. Although there’s no hurry to repair the tooth, you should still schedule an appointment as soon as possible, especially if you’re feeling pain or discomfort. Additionally, you won’t want to cause more damage by chewing with it further.

You’re experiencing acute tooth or gum pain

A lot of different issues can cause tooth pain. Tooth pain is often exacerbated when eating food or drinking cold drinks. Instead of just avoiding these activities, you’ll want to see an emergency dentist. This is because such toothaches can be caused by anything from tooth decay or infection to cracked fillings, which you’ll want to address as soon as possible.

These are just a few of the most common emergency dental situations and what you should do to help ensure a positive outcome. If you have an emergency dental situation and need to schedule an appointment with an emergency dentist near you, then be sure to contact us at Cornell Dental Centre in Markham today.