Good news! We have a new high-tech way to find cavities and cracks – Without X-rays!

At Cornell Dental Centre in Markham, we feel it’s important to invest in technology when it truly benefits our patients, so we’ve added DEXIS CariVu in our practice.  CariVu is an amazing new diagnostic tool that lets us see into your teeth like never before to find cavities and cracks like never before. Safe, Easy and Painless – Flexible arms gently hug your tooth and bathe it in light. This gives the tooth a translucent appearance that allows us to see into it. A built-in camera captures video and pictures. Early Detection – CariVu has been shown to reveal cavities earlier than X-ray and is 99% accurate in finding decay between teeth. It also reveals cracks. Zero Radiation – This exam is good for all patients and is especially beneficial for kids, pregnant women, and others who want are X-ray adverse. Since it uses no ionizing radiation, it can be used as often as needed. See What We See – The pictures can be screen-shared with you at a large size. This visualization can help provide insight into your condition and provide you with a better understanding of the recommended treatment plan. Ongoing Record – We keep an image history of your teeth so we can compare images fromvisit-to-visit and monitor changes over time. We look forward to your next visit and providing you with your first CariVu Exam! Schedule your appointment today.